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Group Travel at Ease




At Escape 2 Leisure Travel, we love celebrations and are passionate about travel. There is no better way of celebrating anything than doing it with a group of people whom we enjoy spending time with
Escape 2 Leisure is a full-service boutique travel agency specializing in group travel. 
We work exclusively with the most trusted suppliers, airlines, and tour operators to facilitate the best travel experience for the group. We provide a personalized and detailed itinerary with your likes and wishes. While following the needs of your group, we can plan that unforgettable getaway and any event at your leisure. We take care of all the logistics of your trip and negotiate better rates on your behalf, allowing everyone to enjoy a stress-free vacation. Escape 2 Leisure has surpassed our client's expectations by striving to provide exceptional and friendly customer service, dream escapes, and the most worry-free leisure time for our travelers. 


Escape 2 Leisure es completamente bi-lingue, podemos asistirle en Español. 

Tropical Resort

Meet Dayeli

Dayeli in Hollywood, Florida

Certified Travel Associate

Certified Travel Agent Badge from ASTA

I'm a travel enthusiast at heart and a travel advisor by profession. I live in a small but beautiful city called Naples in Southwest Florida. 

Throughout the experiences and the memories made in the previous decade of my travels, planning and creating stress-free travel itineraries inevitably became my passion.

I founded Escape 2 Leisure Travel in 2017, after graduating from the Travel Leaders of Tomorrow program, with the intention and a dream of helping more people travel abroad and explore the world. As a Certified Group Travel Specialist, I get to do precisely that today! :) 

If you want to escape to your dream destination and have a fantastic experience, don't let the overwhelming online information keep you from enjoying the planning process. 

 My specialty is group travel to the Caribbean, Mexico, Greek Islands, Costa Rica, and Guatemala with all-inclusive resorts. I've dedicated an extensive amount of time to learning all about these destinations. I repeatedly visit and experience these destinations and properties to better take care of all the logistics, be able to recommend what is appropriate for your personality, and keep up with immigration laws and all the changes. This way, I can create stress-free itineraries and build the best experience for your money. 


Thank you for reading me; I'm looking forward to working a fantastic escape for you soon.


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